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 Foreign Direct Investment

กกกกWe are highly regarded for our FDI expertise and creativity in structuring investment projects and in protecting our clients' rights and interests.

Areas of Expertise:

Investment structuring and legal due diligence;
Application documents and feasibility study reports;
Company formation documents and related negotiations, including joint venture Contracts, articles of association, and technology licensing agreements;
Government approval and registration for company formation and related procedures;
Legal compliance in commercial operations;
Restructuring, dissolution and liquidation.

  Business and Investment Transactions

กกกกWe represents a large number of clients with respect to their investments and commercial activities, both at home in P. R. China and abroad.

Areas of Expertise:

กกกก•  Corporate Finance and Securities;
กกกก•  Institutions and Exempt Organizations;
กกกก•  Lending and Business Finance;
กกกก•  Private Business and Commercial Practice;
กกกก•  Private Client;
กกกก•  Real Estate Development, Construction and Project Finance;
กกกก•  Technology Transactions;
กกกก•  Transactions and Corporate Governance;
กกกก•  Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditor' Rights.


  International Trade

Areas of Expertise:

กกกก•  Consulting and government-related advisory work on policy, regulations and laws of The PRC;
กกกก•  International trade of goods, service and processing;
กกกก•  Customs matters, commodity inspection procedures and bonded areas;
กกกก•  Trade remedial measures/litigation;
กกกก•  Legal consultation on WTO rules

  Admiralty and Maritime Law

Areas of Expertise:

Acting for in dispute arising from marine casualties, defaulting freights, cargo and crew injury claims, vessel repair claims and vessel mortgage enforcement
Claim for insurance compensation
Advise on vessel acquisition and disposal, financing issues and contractual matters.

  Merger and Acquisition

Our corporate/commercial section assists with the establishment and structuring of various companies and all subsequent commercial matters, including licensing and distribution agreements, the purchase and sale of businesses, shareholder arrangements, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity investments and restructurings and reorganizations.

Areas of Expertise:

Designing optimal transaction structures;
Conducting legal due diligence investigations;
Drafting and negotiating equity and asset acquisition agreements, merger agreements, Spin-off and split-up agreements;
  Assisting with governmental filings, approvals and registrations.

  Real Estate and Construction

Areas of Expertise:

Advice on all aspects of property transactions, from acquisition, development and construction to ongoing management and sale;
Construction contracting and bidding;
  Drafting documents concerning construction, design, engineering, inspection and supervision;
Drafting documents relating to property leasing and management

  Securities and Capital Markets

Areas of Expertise:

Advising clients on debt restructuring, liquidations, reorganizations and bankruptcy matters;
Advising on corporate restructuring frameworks and assisting in executing restructuring plans;
  Drafting restructuring agreements, shareholders' and investment agreements, affiliated transaction agreements, articles of association and other related legal documents;
  Assisting with establishing and optimizing corporate governance systems;
Assisting in preparing prospectuses.

  Banking and Finance

Areas of Expertise:

กกกก•  Credit facilities and syndicated loans, secured and unsecured;
กกกก•  Bond issuance;
กกกก•  Aircraft and ship leasing and financing;
กกกก•  Import and export credit, and other trade-related financing;
กกกก•  Debt reorganization and bad debt disposal;
กกกก•  Asset security and financial leasing.


  Intellectual Property

Areas of Expertise:

กกกก•  IP applications and registrations;
กกกก•  Transfer and license of IP rights;
กกกก•  Formulation of IP rights protection systems;
กกกก•  Infringeag??อ๘ีพ|นูอ๘ment investigations and claims resolution of IP rights;
กกกก•  Advising clients on strategies to protect intellectual property;
กกกก•  IP dispute resolution through litigation or arbitration. 



Areas of Expertise:

Provide general tax advice, including tax-driven structuring of transactions, leads on the securing of tax rulings for a range of local and international clients;
Advise lenders on the tax-planning aspects of construction contracts in major project financings;
  Offer tax advice in relation to M&A transactions.

   Technology Affairs

Areas of Expertise:

กกกก•  Telecommunications;
กกกก•  Computer software, electronics, integrated circuits;
กกกก•  Internet, electronic business, online gaming;
กกกก•  Biotechnology.


  Civil Proceedings

กกกก•  Debts dispute;
กกกก•  Tort Compensation;
กกกก•  Acting for clients in litigation, arbitration and dispute settlement.


   Media and Entertainment

Areas of Expertise:

Investment structuring for broadcasting companies;
TV software production;
Cable and satellite networks;
  Direct-to-home and terrestrial broadcasting;
  Foreign investment in print media;
  Advice on media laws in China with regard to government regulations and policies Relating to filming and broadcasting.

   Dispute resolution:

Areas of Expertise:

Providing constructive and practical dispute avoidance schemes;
Designing arbitration and litigation strategies;
Representing clients in all phases of litigation and arbitration, pre-trial and pre-hearing Investigation, protective measures, hearings and trials;
  Representing clients in mediation and settlement procedures;
  Representing clients in enforcement proceedings.

Suite 3108 , Industry & Commence Union Tower
55 Yan An Road East, Shanghai , China
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